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[Wrestling] An interview with me (SnapmareNecks.com)
Posted on 21082014:1000 by JSJ.

Martin at Snapmare Necks asked me some questions and I went into overload answering them with probably a bit too much honesty ranting about things, talking about things and why i started getting into wrestling in the first place.

[Wrestling] OWStv Meets…. well, me.
Posted on 18052014:0950 by JSJ.

OSWtv asked me some questions. I answered them and rambled a bit. I do that. One time I spent half an hour talking about something on the radio without even answering the question. I think I eventually forgot what the question was.

[Bunch of Fives] Ships of the Line! First class space travel!
Posted on 09072013:1958 by JSJ.

The blog is back – and so are the lists! And what better to start with than five of the best ways to travel through space (and time!) with the five best ships of the line!

[Stuff] SWA Full On: Home grown Scottish pro wrestling!
Posted on 08072013:2033 by JSJ.

We honestly don’t know why we get a creit for this as the Full On team did a cracking job without our graphics popping up here and there – but since they’ve got the whole first season out, here’s a snippet of SWA Full On!

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