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Over the years TPM has worked on marketing single events, creating full on advertising campaigns, t-shirts, posters and flyers and countless other things. All done to the customers requirements and completely suited to them and their needs.

TPM doesn’t use templates or copy/paste ideas to look like everyone else. We take a look at what you need, who the audience are and then we build from there to fit the product image. Our main focus has been the Scottish Wrestling Alliance and Pride Wrestling not only with building a site specific to their needs, but to build a social media presence that fits the company, handle customer service site maintenance and more.

We’re open to your ideas and your projects and always look for a challenge! We’re in the process of putting together a collection of stuff with some admittedly very boring notes on design. Just click the following for example galleries.

wPR Materials Websites DVD Artwork
Championship Belts Costumes Other Stuff

No matter what the project, what you need or what you want to get out of it – everyone here at TPM crave a good challenge and we do it all at a low cost that suits your budget. If you have a design or marketing project and you need some help, get in touch!

The range of work we have provided has included; Building and maintaining websites, Creating and operating online marketting campaigns, , Website and social media management, Designing and producing posters, flyers and other products, DVD’s and Album covers, Designing and producing clothing, Designing and producing wrestling belts… and a ridiculous amount of other things!

The bulk of our work in the past few years has been with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance and off-shoot Pride Wrestling where we work in PR and website maintenance so as such a lot of our stuff has been wrestling related but! we can work with pretty much anything and like the challenge!

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